What do you eat when you live on a boat, but you are terrible at fishing? In this episode we share a bunch of recipes we make onboard.

We cook Veggie Tikka Masala, make Spring Rolls, whip up Brunch Bowls, and throw together what we call the Snack Plate — a cutting board full of fresh fruit, raw veggies, nuts, cheese, crackers, pita chips & hummus. Finger food from a single plate means minimal dishes. And when it’s hot, no one wants to cook. 

And the lack of fishing? We’re not morally against it, we just haven’t learned the ropes yet. We’d love to; it all takes time!

Also in this video: We price comparison shop at the largest grocery store in the Abacos, the local kids almost commandeer our dinghy, we endure some scary lightning, and have a discussion about anchoring etiquette in tight quarters. 

Veggie Tikka Masala recipe: https://foodwithfeeling.com/loaded-veggie-tikka-masala/

Hope you enjoy!

Lauren & Kirk

FILMED: May 2019



This footage was filmed prior to the utter devastation wreaked by Hurricane Dorian in September 2019. Dorian hit the Abaco Islands as a category 5 hurricane, with sustained winds of 185 mph, flattening most structures and leaving 70,000 people homeless. They are still rebuilding — and will be for a long time.

If you’d like to help the Abacos, check out PERC https://www.percabaco.org/. This is a 503c organization which supports a number of Abaco-based charities and is tax-deductible for U.S. residents.


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Episode Dialogue

– Cooking up a little feast here this evening. It’s a two burner kinda night.

– Oui.

– Oui. We’ve been eating leftovers, I think probably the last two or three nights. And we’ve had tuna fish salad for lunch every day for the last three days. So tonight I decided to make tikka masala. It’s the last big meal I think that we can really make with the last of our fresh produce. So we’ve got carrots, cauliflower, peas. Yeah, I think that was it for the fresh stuff and everything else was canned. And then we’re gonna go into Marsh Harbor and hit the grocery store and get some more fresh stuff. For running out of food, this is pretty good.

– Is this a vegetarian dish?

– This is vegetarian.

– It looks like there’s meat in there.

– Yeah.

– What are those chunks of things?

– Tomato, carrot, onion, chickpeas, English peas. Look at that.

– Looks delicious. Thank you love. Hey, do we still have wine?

– Yeah, we have red wine.

– Let’s drink some wine cause it’s Friday!

– Is it really?

– Yeah.

– She said it was guava, right? Guava roll. It’s got just a tiny bit of tartness to it. Makes it real good.

– Last episode, I made French toast with Bahamian coconut bread. And we’ve been obsessed with Bahamian baked goods ever since. We’re off to the grocery store. This is Maxwell’s, the largest grocery store in the Abacos. This was our first time here, and I was really keen on discovering how their prices compared to what we were used to in the States.

– How much do you normally pay for that hydroponic lettuce?

– Probably $4.99.

– Okay that’s $4.30.

– Wow.

– Strawberries were 5 dollars. They’re not organic but I’m happy. Look at this.

– What else we got here? Four dollars for a…

– Very small red, yellow, green.

– It’s not really that bad.

– Prices that you can’t believe?

– Yes. Yeah, we’ve been surprised. Yeah Well, normally they’re like five bucks in the States. Are you kidding me?

– That’s like from San Diego.

– Yeah. It’s from Carlsbad. Before we bought our boat, we lived in Carlsbad. A beach town, just North of San Diego, where we used to buy this dip at the local farmer’s market. That is nuts. Yeah, Bitchin sauce Carlsbad, California. We’re closer to Carlsbad than we’ve ever been. Aw. This is like a Publix. It’s even better than Publix. Oh.

– Bear bites. We haven’t had bear bites in a long time.

– I came to offer you a bear bite.

– Oh I would totally love a bear bite. NOM!.

– This is nuts.

– No, this is granola, bird.

– I’m just really impressed. A lot of processed foods were definitely more expensive. But most of it we wouldn’t buy anyway. And even if we wanted to pay 10 dollars for a quarter of ice cream, our freezer doesn’t get cold enough to keep it frozen anyway. Overall though, we were pretty impressed with the selection and most of the prices. Wow.

– Look at this, decaf, sweet coconut Thai. Chai.

– Wow.

– That sounds kind of good. Should we try that?

– Sure. So we’ve got two bags of groceries for 67 bucks. And we didn’t get everything that was super cheap, either. We got like the mid priced eggs and splurged almost $7 for like a tiny little box of lettuce. I see him. I see Rahm.

– I see Rahm and I see our boat.

– Oh, that’s good. Didn’t even think about our boat. I figured she’d be there.

– This is the Marsh Harbor public dock. We found out that tying your dinghy up here meant that it would most likely become a part of the playground for the local kids. Coincidentally or not, this was the first time our electric outboard wouldn’t turn on. It flashed, and now it won’t turn on. Thankfully after disconnecting and reconnecting the battery Eve powered right back up. How about we get all of you guys up on the dock, and you all jump at once and make the biggest splash possible and we’ll GoPro that.

– Oh you asked for a big splash?

– Yeah. Are you going to jump in all at once?

– If you could bring me by the big dock.

– The big dock? No you guys are gonna go jump off that one.

– Yeah this one.

– Everybody off the boat. Let go of the boat.

– Take my picture.

– Smile.

– Yes.

– We don’t wanna hit anybody. Can you let go of our boat please? These kids don’t listen to shit.

– Yeah well, when you ask them to do something–

– And they do the exact opposite.

– Fudge they wanna do. Oh man, poor Rahm got abused this afternoon.

– They’re little monsters though, no different than any other kids. We told him to go jump off the dock and make a biggest splash possible. And they all got excited, but somehow that translated into them, all swamping our boat and trying to climb aboard.

– Aw, I feel bad. They’re all just trying to have fun.

– Yeah, but our motor was not working.

– Yeah that was…

– A little…

– Concerning. Aw sorry Rahm. Sorry Eve.

– So this is the haul. And after unpacking it all on the boat, I just realized how much packaging actually all of this food comes in. It’s kind of crazy. Aw. It seems like gone are the days where you could buy produce just out of the bin. I mean, there’s still a lot of it you can. We’ve got some bananas, apples, some limes and tomato. Oh, I wonder how much that tomato was. It was only $2.94. It was 89 cents a pound. And it’s 3.3 pounds. That tomato weighs three pounds? Wow. Does that weigh three pounds? That doesn’t look like three pounds. This is the second time ever that we’ve made spring rolls. So we were just walking around in Marsh Harbor trying to find a coffee shop. And we stumbled on the Abaco Asian food grocery store. So we go in there and it’s like eight square feet and the shelves are just lined with tons of canned and jarred sauces and all sorts of stuff. The guy sold us on some rice noodles. He said that a lot of cruisers get these because they cook really quickly. So you don’t need a lot of fuel. And we got these Vietnamese spring roll wrappers. Veggie sandwiches are our lunch staple. And we were looking to mix it up a little bit. So we used a lot of the same veggies that we normally use. But we got these micro greens from Maxwell’s.

– Which we need to bring beans to sprout next year.

– Yeah. And Kirk likes mandarins on his. Is that it except noodles?

– Bring in the noodles.

– I’m sure anyone who actually knows how to do this would laugh at this. Like what’s happening right now? I can’t get it off the plate. But definitely on the first day we had had a lot more rips and then Kirk realized that I was soaking the wrapping paper for too long. So then they got really wet. And then the lettuce kept puncturing right through it. You can’t eat spring rolls without some dipping sauces. So we got some, I love peanut sauce and this we use on tons of stuff. So we’ve got a big bottle of that sweet chili sauce. Okay time to eat.

– Oh yeah. So it’s rained about four times today. And the forecast has rain pretty much every day for the next week in some percentage, 20 to 80%. And that’s some pretty built up cloud banks over there. We’ve had a couple of lightning storms. So it’ll be interesting to see how this evening goes. Whoa. Yikes man.

– Have we been through a thunder storm this bad before?

– I don’t think so. Not with this is much fricking lightning.

– This is a little scary.

– Ah, go away! That was very close.

– There’s some really, really thick lightning bolts. That was our swing pattern from yesterday. And now we’ve swung all the way around. There’s really not much you can do on a boat when it’s storming, cause it’s so loud. Can’t really sleep, and you have to close all your windows because it’s raining. And then it gets really hot and stuffy. So we pretty much have to sit and wait it out. And try not to get too scared. And maybe go back to bed. Tea and grapefruits. It’s kind of a morning ritual. The tea is anyway. The grapefruits just started when we started spending more time in Florida.

– Thank you.

– You’re welcome. So this is probably our second to last grapefruit, I think.

– Uh oh.

– Yeah. I wonder what the price is going to be at Maxwell’s.

– They certainly don’t grow them here.

– Yeah. They don’t really grow much here right? We heard pumpkins and squash? They have squash here?

– Maybe. They grow lots of chickens and pigs.

– Yeah, they do. And conch. Yeah and conch.

– We survived the storm. No lightning hit our boat. So Kirk was excited about that. But we have shifted 180 degrees, so I think we’re probably gonna pick up the anchor and reset it. Scratch that–

– It’s all a definition.

– We’re not gonna pick it up and reset it. We’re just going to reset it by backing down on it. Is that right captain? Sure. Yeah I just wanna tag on it and make sure we’re not going anywhere. Cause we’re in a good spot, there’s no reason to pick it up.

– The holding here is really good. It’s like a mud sand wet concrete, it’s ridiculous. I pulled up probably 30 pounds of this stuff yesterday when we reset the anchor because a motorboat called over to us saying that they added 150 feet of chain out and that we might have dropped our anchor on theirs.

– In eight feet of water was the important part. They were standing on their bow giving us the bitch wing. So finally I got on the radio, cause they didn’t get on the radio. I was like, “Hey to the boat behind us. What’s up?” And they’re like, “Oh we have 150 feet of chain out.” I’m like, “Wow in eight feet of water, that’s a lot of chain you got. He said, “Yeah, we’re a heavy boat.” I’m like, “You’re in eight feet of water. You have at least twice as much chain out than you’re going to get an advantage of. Like after 10 or 12 to one, the chain’s not helping you anymore. If you’re really that heavy of a boat buy a bigger fricking anchor.” Is what I wanted to say. But I said, “Okay, we’ll move. We don’t wanna tangle your chain.”

– Besides being in eight feet of water, it’s such a busy tight anchorage. I always thought that you should have an appropriate amount of chain out and not go too excess, especially when you’re around a ton of other boats.

– Yeah.

– But I don’t know.

– There’s like 50 boats in this Harbor maybe?

– Yeah.

– So there’s not room to swing out 150 feet of chain here. Like if you were all alone on a big open anchorage put down all the chain you want. It’s just kind of inconsiderate of other boaters I think.

– Yeah.

– Lauren in her rare habitat. When I’m not editing video, which is all the time, I polish metal.

– How’s it going?

– I’ve been here for like 15 minutes.

– Yeah?

– I’ve worked on one stanchion base.

– And did it get off? Like 90%. It’s really nicked up so it’s hard to get all of the rust out of the nicks, you know? Without using like a toothbrush or something.

– Oh, that looks good.

– It looks better. But I haven’t done the lifelines either.

– Okay.

– I’ve done the stanchion bases and the stanchions.

– Sweet.

– Yeah they’re bad.

– Yeah.

– They’re super rusty. It gets so black. And you’re right. Once it gets black and you can’t get any more rust off, you’re basically just rubbing the dark rust back on.

– So have you gotten a new rag?

– This is my second one.

– Okay. This one looks bad too, cause there’s a bunch of stress cracks. Anyways that’s before, that’s after. Show me the bottle. Boom.

– Bottled magic.

– That’s the stuff right there.

– People always ask what our staple food is. This is totally it, isn’t it?

– Bone appetite.

– Thought you were gonna tell me what it was.

– Yeah some sort of bowl. A lot of times with eggs on it.

– It’s pretty much Kirk’s favorite thing.

– Not like this exact iteration. This concept, a bowl of mushy gush.

– Which usually starts with sauteed onions and diced tomatoes, some greens, cheese, brown rice or potatoes. And might have some breakfast sausage.

– And an egg on top.

– And an egg on top.

– And some spicy cholula on top.

– No matter what flavor I make the bowl there’s always cholula on top. And Lauren hates it. It’s like someone who puts ketchup on everything. We’re leaving Marsh Harbor today. We did everything we needed, we filled up some water, got food, got a bunch of editing done. And we waited out some high winds and a bunch of rain storms. Now we’re on our way to Hope town. Right there?

– A tiny bit more. 20.

– You can see the cloud of dirt we kicked up.

– Just because they’re so shallow?

– Five eight right here. We’re a little close, love. Yeah and it’s gonna drop a little bit more. Five seven, five six. ♪ Started slow ♪ ♪ Like a tree grows out in the open ♪ ♪ These things don’t grow ♪ ♪ Over nights long and get old in the morning ♪ ♪ Nothing more could make it speed up ♪ ♪ Nights are long ♪ ♪ And the days getting shorter ♪ ♪ Hold her close father to your daughters ♪ ♪ Cause all things that grow slow can go so fast ♪ ♪ Softly the nights fade away ♪ ♪ Blend into times of midday ♪ ♪ Seems slow but goes fast ♪ ♪ Just like an aeroplane ♪

– Just finished our sail and dropped the hook. It was super short, only eight miles. I just put together a little lunch plate.

– Thank you. This looks amazing.

– I liked your first word better.

– What?

– Holy smokes balls.

– Holy smokes balls this looks amazing. All right.