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Co-Captain. Video Editor. Photographer. Writer.

It’s GONE: We SOLD our Boat – Ep. 111

Once we decided it was time, it happened SO FAST. One day we were in Michigan writing the ‘for sale’ ad for our Tartan 37, and a few weeks later we were in Florida...

It’s SPLASH Day, Baby! – Ep. 103

This is our third time launching the boat after spending time on the hard. We’ve figured out the routine, for the most part, and each time has been easier than the last. But with so many moving parts, literally and figuratively, it seems like there’s always a new surprise or challenge.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Ep. 85

Maintaining a 40-year-old sailboat can be mentally draining. To be successful, not only do you need be a good electrician, diesel mechanic, plumber, seamstress, cook, project manager and sailor, it also doesn’t hurt to be a good bartender.

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