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Boat Buying Dashboard

We developed this tool to help us make better informed decisions during the boat buying process.  It’s expanded to become the financial management tool we use to track all the upgrades we’ve made to our boat since purchase. We hope you’ll find the Boat Buying Dashboard as helpful as we did.

The boat buying dashboard has the following tools/benefits:

  • Seamlessly import data from (provided by your broker)
  • Automatically calculates average asking price, sales price, time on market and % discount for comparable boats
  • Calculations are segmented by all sales, by model year and by year sold
  • Log inventory of boats that your interested in purchasing
  • Estimate upgrade costs
  • Make apples-to-apples comparisons between two different boats
  • Track upgrades made to your boat after purchase
  • Track estimated costs for remaining upgrades

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This is the “heart” of the Boat Buying Dashboard. Start by entering details about your the boat you’re interested in here. Then, after importing comparable sales or inventory items, the dashboard will automatically update to display key metrics from the data you’ve imported throughout the rest of the tool.

  • View Average Sale Price for Comparable Sales
  • Calculate a Suggested Offer Price to Start Negotiations
  • See Breakdown of Estimated, Actual, and Total Cost of Upgrades
Sailboat Buying Financial Tool | Sailing Soulianis
Track and Log Inventory on your boat | Sailing Soulianis

Inventory & Upgrades

A detailed list of items & systems that are necessary and/or beneficial to have onboard a cruising sailboat. This is also a fantastic checklist for documenting the inventory on a boat you’re interested in purchasing when hunting online or in person.

  • Sort inventory & systems by level of comfort and/or safety
  • View inventory by category (engine, safety, navigation, etc)
  • Quickly estimate see Estimated, Actual, and Total Cost to bring the vessel up to your standard of comfort
  • Track details about upgrades after purchase

Current For Sale

Enter details on boats that you’re interested in purchasing here. Once you have narrowed your search down to a specific model, the data serves as a reference point for the current market price.

  • Track of details about boats you’re interested in purchasing
  • Keep tabs on the current market price
  • Track how long boats are currently sitting on the market
Track boats that are for sale | Sailing Soulianis
Analyze comparable boats for sale | Sailing Soulianis

Comparable Sales

Import data exported from (or any other source) here. Comparable sales data is the best tool for guaging fair market value.

  • Sort inventory & systems by level of comfort and/or safety
  • View inventory by category (engine, safety, navigation, etc)
  • Quickly estimate see Estimated, Actual, and Total Cost to bring the vessel up to your standard of comfort
  • Track details about upgrades after purchase
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How do I use the Boat Buying Dashboard?

The purpose of this tool is to be an aid to your decision making process in the last few steps of  buying a cruising sailboat that is right for you. The intent of this dashboard is not to tell you which model of boat you should buy, but will instead help you decide between ‘Boat A’ and ‘Boat B’ after you’ve already chosen a particular model and narrowed your list down to a select few you’re interested in.

From determining the initial search criteria for systems found on board, through the boat hunt & in-person tours, to negotiating a final offer to purchase, the Boat Buying Dashboard will be there to assist you every step of the way.

The Boat Buying Dashboard is available for download as an Excel file.  This can be opened in Excel or uploaded to Google Sheets (your preference).  Once you’ve opened the file in your favorite spreadsheet application, jump to the second tab labeled “Instructions.”  If after reading you still have question,s don’t hesitate to contact us.

At this point in time there is no automatic importing of data. You’ll need to work with a broker who can provide this data, or you can import it from other sources you have access to. If enough people are interested in this product, we will work to improve it and this will be one of the first features we’d like to add.

Ask your broker to send you a CSV export of the data. You can then copy & paste this data directly into the “Comparable Sales” tab of the document, into cell 6A. Choose “Paste values only” to retain the conditional formatting. If there are column headings included, you can exclude those or delete them after import.  The columns should match up correctly — if they do not, please let us know and we can assist.

There are many formulas and calculations in the Boat Buying Dashboard that need to remain as is for the Dashboard to operate correctly. These cells have been locked to prevent users from accidentally editing them. If you try to edit one of these cells, a warning should be displayed notifying you that you are attempting to edit one of these cells.

We send out promo codes to download the Boat Buying Dashboard to all new patrons after their first supported video. Patreon does not charge new patrons until the end of the first calendar month in which they signed up in. Which means we send out codes to download the Boat Buying Dashboard between the 5th-10th each month. If after your first month of patronage you still have not received an email with a link to download the the Boat Buying Dashboard, please give us a shout on Patreon and we’ll get it sorted.  Thank you for understanding.


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