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About Rahm

Rahm is an Ultra Light 260 rigid inflatable tender from Highfield Boats. He has an aluminum hull, weighs 68 lbs., nests perfectly on the bow, and can carry 4 people + a bunch of gear.


  • LOA: 8’6″ (2.6 m.)
  • Beam: 5’0″ (1.52 m.)
  • Draft (If you run aground, it’s time to get out and walk.)
  • Max Load 750# (340kg)
  • Max People 3+1
  • Weight 68#
  • Tube 15″ diameter
  • Max Power 6hp
  • Auxiliary Spirit 1.0 Electric Outdrive

More Information

Where did the name Rahm come from?

We almost bought a catamaran named “Nice Pair” and thought it was perfect, but the punni-ness didn’t work as well on a mono-hull…

In the lead up to closing on our boat, Lauren was reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We named our boat after a star in the book that the characters were trying to get to. (CAUTION: Skip the next paragraph to avoid nerdy sci-fi comedy fiction references.)

The twin stars of Soulianis and Rahm lie in the mysteriously-located Horsehead Nebula, which the characters of the book only arrive at with the help of the Infinite Improbability Drive. As it seemed like an infinite improbability we found this particular gem of a boat, naming her Soulianis seemed pretty apt. (By the inter-galactic way, our dingy’s name is Rahm.)

As we were packing things up to move onto the boat, Lauren read a line out loud:

Out of the utter blackness stabbed a sudden point of blinding light. It crept up by slight degrees and spread sideways in a thin crescent blade, and within seconds two suns were visible, furnaces of light, searing the black edge of the horizon with white fire. Fierce shafts of color streaked through the thin atmosphere beneath them. “The fires of dawn …!” breathed Zaphod. “The twin suns of Soulianis and Rahm …!

We looked at each other and both said “What about Soulianis?!” It was only fitting that our dinghy be named “Rahm.”  The rest was history!

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