About our 110% Tri-Radial Head Sail

Our 110% Tri-Radial headsail is made from Challenge Warp-Drive sail cloth by Precision Sails.


  • Size: 110%
  • Cloth: Challenge Warp Drive
  • Luff: 45’1″
  • Leech: 39’10”
  • Foot: 18′ 8″
  • Foam Luff
  • Offshore & Elite Package
  • UV Cover: Silver Sunbrella

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Thoughts on Our 110% Headsail

Our previous headsail was 155% Genoa, which was perfect in the Great Lakes, but we were overpowered quickly. Our near future plans have us sailing the Caribbean, so our primary design criteria were to get a sail that was the right size for the kind of winds we would be sailing in (trade winds), a sail that would have and hold a good shape as long as possible, and good to great UV resistance.

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