Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Ep. 85

Maintaining a 40-year-old sailboat can be mentally draining. To be successful, not only do you need be a good electrician, diesel mechanic, plumber, seamstress, cook, project manager and sailor, it also doesn’t hurt to be a good bartender.

Zeus Strikes Us Down – Ep. 81.2

Just as we’re about to tuck Soulianis away for the summer season, our good fortune with Mother Nature runs out. Did we really expect to get through of all of these storms scot free?

Saying Goodbye to Our Boat – Ep. 53

It’s goodbye, but only for a while. We’re leaving Soulianis on the hard in Florida during hurricane season to return to the Midwest to visit our families.

Savor the Last Sail – Ep. 52

With just a few days left before we haul the boat out for hurricane season, we sail as much as we can — even when the wind is so light we’re hardly moving at all — to savor our last moments on the water.

Sailing Backwards – Ep. 51

Buy a sailboat, then sail over the horizon, right? Oh if it was that simple! Often you zigzag, and sometimes you backtrack.

Fast Sailing Overnight to Key West – Ep. 50

The seemingly smallest thing can drastically change the experience of a journey on the sea. Like forgetting to take seasickness meds. Then what a difference a few hours makes...

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