Sailing is tough, and often uncomfortable. Anything that makes life easier or more comfortable onboard means you’ll sail more, and enjoy it more.

We’ve had a spinnaker/whisker pole onboard since a fellow sailor donated one to us in Mobile, Alabama. We’ve tried to rig it once or twice, but never had all the required gear to make it work. Now with the necessary lines and hardware rigged up, and a 24-hour downwind run ahead, the whisker pole is put to the test. It was glorious!

After a gentle downwinder from Cayo Costa, Lauren and Renata jump ship for the night. Kirk’s father joins him for a double-handed downwind run from Fort Myers to Marathon, surfing up to 7.5 knots in breaking waves, catching fish, snagging crab pots, and sharing secrets they’d never want anyone else to know.

Hope you enjoy!

Much love,

Lauren, Kirk & Renata

FILMED: March 2021




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