This is our third time launching the boat after spending time on the hard. We’ve figured out the routine, for the most part, and each time has been easier than the last. But with so many moving parts, literally and figuratively, it seems like there’s always a new surprise or challenge.  

During our first haul out, we rebuilt our feathering prop and put it back together with the wrong pitch, leaving us without any propulsion, in forward or reverse. The second year we scrambled to reinstall our 300 lb. centerboard at 6AM, and this year it was managing to do everything while caring for our baby during covid.

It all went fairly smoothly, and we even decided to throw in a few last-minute projects! We got a crispy new mainsail from Precision Sails which required a bit more rigging work to install than we anticipated. Kirk also tackled a plumbing project — one of his least favorite duties — to fix a leak in our freshwater system that had been causing us grief for years. 

As with most things sailing related, even ordinary tasks can quickly require extra-ordinary effort, but as long as you’ve got the right attitude, it’s this extra bit of excitement in the daily routine that makes sailing such an enjoyable lifestyle.

Much love,

Lauren, Kirk & Renata

FILMED: February 2021




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