Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season – Ep. 80

The weather is changing, and the longer we wait to leave the islands, the smaller the chances become for finding a good weather window. After three weeks of dodging storm front after storm front, we decide to make a dash for it, leaving the Abaco Islands of The Bahamas to cross the Gulf Stream back to Florida.

Going Solo and it All Falls Apart – Ep. 79

Come along on a POV journey to single-handedly sail Soulianis off anchor. Since the engine wasn’t started, Kirk forgot to check on the dinghy painter—and it all goes downhill from there.

Water Water Everywhere, in Search of a Drop to Drink – Ep. 78

Crystal clear water surrounds the islands in the Bahamas, but you can’t drink a lick of it. No surprise, it’s salty. The islands themselves have virtually no groundwater either, so where does it come from? There’s three options: It’s either shipped in, desalinated, or collected from the sky.

The Loveliest Sail | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 74

It’s island time, baby! In this episode we take you exploring with Rahm, discover some amazing seascapes off the beaches of Great Guana Cay, cook the best coconut French toast, and start to assimilate to cruising life in the Bahamas.

How to Slay the Seasickness Monster – Ep. 71

This is it! We’re off to The Bahamas…or so we plan. After last minute provisioning, we leave Marathon and set sail to cross the Gulf Stream. Even though we’re making good time, beating to windward takes its toll, and we decide to call an audible.