This is it! We’re off to The Bahamas…or so we plan. After last minute provisioning, we leave Marathon and set sail to cross the Gulf Stream. Even though we’re making good time, beating to windward takes its toll, and we decide to call an audible. Fortunately before Lauren loses her breakfast to the fishes, we figure out a new remedy for her seasickness.

Hope you enjoy!

Lauren & Kirk

NOTE: This was filmed well before COVID-19 was an issue. We’ll discuss the timing of our videos soon in a future episode.

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Episode Dialogue

– Now comes the hard part, trying to figure out where all this stuff goes. We’re off to the Bahamas.

– [Kirk] With our new bimini!

– So we’re on the home stretch right now, trying to prepare to get to The Bahamas. We’re down to errands pretty much. We’ve got to go to the grocery store, Home Depot to get some last minute things. And I really want to get a new dive mask from the dive shop. We got four to five days to get from where we are all the way to the Abacos to meet up with my sister. So yes, fingers crossed we can make it.

– We have a pole spear and a mask.

– This is provisioning run number what, four for The Bahamas? we’ve been doing for the last like six weeks?

– [Kirk] Yeah but we’ve eaten a bunch of stuff.

– Yeah we’ve eaten a lot so…

– [Kirk] So how much did we spend today?

– It was like 500 and like 90 something.

– [Kirk] Plus I spent like $60 on liquor,

– A hundred and some dollars at the dive shop.

– [Lauren] And a hundred-

– [Kirk] 120. Oh a hundred at West Marine and a hundred at Napa. So we spent over a grand today.

– Well, now we won’t be spending hardly any money for the next-

– [Kirk] Until tomorrow when we spend $300 to get into The Bahamas.

– Oh right. Not tomorrow.

– Two days from now.

– Two days from now.

– Alright, let’s go.

– Okay. I am legitimately worried about where we’re gonna put all this food.

– [Kirk] Yeah. There’s almost room for us in the dinghy.

– Oh, man. Now comes the hard part. Trying to figure out where all this stuff goes. Trying to find spots in your boat that you didn’t know about before maybe. I don’t know. Maybe there’s some secret hiding spots that just expand.

– [Kirk] That’d be cool.

– Yeah. Isn’t there a fairy tale or something? Narnia!

– Witch and the wardrobe.

– Yeah, where you open the door and there’s a whole new world. That’s what we need right now. One of the last things to do was to exchange our old broken paddlewheel with a new one. This was the first time we had tried this in the water. We thought we were prepared.

– This just needs to go down in there and it needs to go that way. And then this screws on around it.

– [Lauren] Just in case.

– [Kirk] And if that doesn’t work, we got our other plugs. All right. Ready for this?

– Okay.

– [Kirk] Oh look, that’s loose already. So I think you would just pull out and I’m going to push this in.

– [Lauren] Okay. Ready?

– [Kirk] Jesus Christ!

– [Lauren] Holy shit!

– [Kirk] A little more water than I thought.

– Oh my God. That was definitely way more water than I thought.

– All right, that was an experience. That’s all salt water. Well we know for the future what to expect.

– [Lauren] Yeah. All right well, slightly disconcerting.

– [Kirk] What’s that?

– [Lauren] How much water comes in a tiny little hole.

– [Kirk] Oh yeah, yeah that was a geyser.

– We just fired up Mr. Beke for the first time in like a month.

– Three weeks.

– Three weeks. We’re off to The Bahamas. The Bahamas!

– With our new bimini! Ooh yeah look at this. I don’t even have sunscreen on.

– [Lauren] Well, Boot Key Harbor…

– We got some work done.

– We got some work done. It’s been productive. Cheap place to stay for a long time. It cost us like 300 bucks for the month I think.

– 340 with tax I think. Yeah, we’re leaving what, three hours later than we hoped?

– Are we?

– Yeah.

– [Lauren] What time is it now?

– 12:15.

– [Lauren] That’s fine, we’re good.

– But we haven’t left yet.

– [Lauren] It’s going to be a full day trip. Like almost 24 hour trip.

– It’s going to be, yeah, at least I think.

– [Lauren] We arrive tomorrow midday in Bimini, that’ll be great.

– Hi.

– Hi.

– [Kirk] It’s a little rowdy today huh?

– It’s a little wild.

– [Kirk] Not exactly what we expected.

– Every time we go out sailing after we haven’t sailed in a long time I think we just don’t… We just don’t remember how intense upwind sailing can be. And for me personally, how easily it can bring about my seasickness.

– [Kirk] Sorry I’m like way zoomed in and trying to avoid this crab pot. These little Hoy crap! He is huge! That thing was the size of a frickin VW bug. So what’s happening?

– Right now I’ve got my eyes on the prize and that is 30 degrees to the wind. If we keep that course then we’re gonna make our way point in an hour, which means we’ll be able to get under this bridge and around to the other side of the key so we can drop anchor tonight.

– [Kirk] So we’re not going to The Bahamas tonight.

– We’re not going to The Bahamas tonight.

– [Kirk] What happened?

– Oh man we’re just beaten into it. It’s just not, not super fun. It’s just super rolly. We’re bouncing all around. I didn’t put my sea bands on. So even though I took a Bonine, I got to the point where I was salivating and I almost thought I was gonna lose my breakfast. I was like pretty upset with myself, you know? Cause that means Kirk just has to, well you’re behind the camera, but sometimes I bounce between talking to you and talking to you, but-

– [Kirk] You’re not making any sense right now.

– I’m not making any sense. It just means Kirk has to be behind the helm the whole time and it’s just not, it’s not cool. So hopefully we can drop anchor and we can actually get a good night’s sleep because we were up so late last night trying to get the boat ready and laundry done and all of our provisioning done. I think this is a good choice.

– [Kirk] It means we’re getting into The Bahamas a little bit later, but we’re not going to actually be behind too much.

– Well, if we plan to do a bunch of shorter, full day sails, instead of taking a lay day and then we’re just sailing every day, then we won’t lose time. It’s gonna be pretty tough cause I don’t think we’ve done this before.

– [Kirk] Yeah sailing back to back to back to back to back. Yeah it’s been awhile.

– [Lauren] Yeah.

– [Kirk] This is gonna be hard to film because I’m babbling all over the place, but we’ve zigzagged, tacking back and forth all up the middle keys here. Our destination is Long Key right there. We’re going to go through this little cut here and anchor on the Gulf side behind a little spit of land to try and get out of the easterly winds here. All right you ready to go all night now?

– Yeah, bring it. Gotta strap me to the helm. ♪ In other words ♪ ♪ Please be true ♪ When I was in high school, I discovered big band music and played Frank Sinatra’s albums on repeat, singing along with songs I knew the lyrics to turned out to be a great distraction from my queasiness. Besides Sinatra just puts a smile on my face. ♪ I love ♪ ♪ You ♪ ♪ Love you ♪ ♪ With each word ♪ ♪ Your tenderness grows ♪ ♪ And that laugh ♪ ♪ Wrinkles your nose ♪ ♪ It touches my foolish heart ♪ ♪ Picking up lots of forget-me-nots ♪

– So we’ve just turned into our channel. We are headed to close to Matecumbe Key. In between Matecumbe and Long Key, we’re gonna go hide behind a little tiny spit of land here.

– [Lauren] Seems like it’s calmed down.

– Yeah. Well, we’re in nine feet of water so the waves have had a little bit of a chance to kind of like be dissipated by all the reef and everything.

– [Lauren] Man that bimini looks amazing!

– Also we’re not headed quite so tight into the wind anymore. So… It’s a race against the sun to get the anchor down. I think the sun’s gonna win this one. Hopefully we’ll still have enough light to do what we need to do. It’s not really ideal, but-

– [Lauren] Ideal and sailing, I don’t think anyone’s ever said them together.

– Doesn’t really work that way does it?

– Here we are, we’re taking these sails down. We’re gonna drop the hook right over there. Do you want me to let it out?

– [Kirk] Yeah.

– You mean more?

– Glad we have the bimini.