We planned to complete TWO big projects while in Mobile, AL: 1) upgrading our battery bank & 2) fabricating a solar arch with dinghy davits. After much deliberation, we decided to DIY the batteries and hire out the arch fabrication.

The battery bank and electrical system upgrade was nothing to sneeze at. But Kirk took it on with his characteristic analytical approach, meticulously planning out the new wiring in a digital diagram first before making any cuts to our costly large-gauge battery cables.

Unfortunately, the fabrication of our arch doesn’t go as smoothly. The metal fabricator told us he needed only a couple of weeks and our planned month timeline was an easy task, and assured us of his experience building arches just like ours. As the days go by, we become less and less sure of either of his claims. Decisions about our electrical project and solar panels rest on the completion of the arch, and as each promised date of completion slides by on the calendar, our faith in the project dries up.

Lauren & Kirk

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