What would you do if it seemed like the world was ending? Would panic set in as you began thinking about all the things you didn’t do, the places you didn’t go, or the relationships you didn’t spend enough time nurturing? Or would you carry on living your life as you are, because you’re living with no regrets?

Living life as if every day could be your last can be exhausting. But if you are able to put yourself ‘there’ — at the end of the world — it can be a really powerful and life-changing thought-experiment. 

We had the opportunity to meet this question head on when the world ground to a halt in early 2020. The economy was crashing, borders were closing, and people close to us were dying… It really felt like the world as we knew it was over. 

So what did we do? We set sail, found a nice anchorage, and went surfing. 

We were given a real-life opportunity to test the hypothetical. 

And… Would we do it again?


Hope you enjoy!

Lauren & Kirk

FILMED: April 2020



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