What lies between us and saltwater sailing? 1300 miles of rivers!

Before we can get underway, we need to unstep our mast. For this leg of our journey south, we turning our sailboat into a motorboat. There’s a fixed 19’ 1” bridge in Chicago that forces sailboats to ditch their sticks. Besides that, rivers don’t offer the best sailing opportunities. 😉 

Some sailors opt to carry their masts on deck, others, like us, decide to ship it via truck. In this episode, we pull into Skyway Yacht Works at the mouth of the Calumet River to have our mast unstepped and pack it for shipping.

Even though we’re packing away our sails for now, we’re already thinking about a new headsail for sailing in the trade winds. Our 155% genoa is old, stretched out and much too big for where we’re headed next: the Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

After Kirk spent hours researching the type of sail we wanted (115% Dacron tri-radial), we contacted over a dozen sail lofts for quotes. We received the best information from Mack Sails and Precision Sails. In the end, we ordered our new headsail from Precision Sails, as they were the most responsive, their quote form the most detailed, and their price the cheapest. Hard to beat.

Interested in a new sail? Precision Sails is having a Black Friday Sale: https://www.precisionsailloft.com/lpd

Hope you enjoy!
Lauren & Kirk

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