The sailboat hunt is on! We drive from San Diego, California to Guaymas, Mexico to see a catamaran named Imi Loa. We’ve had our eye on this boat for a little while, and have been in contact with the sellers — they assure us this cat is ready to go cruising.

This is the first boat we go to see in person that we can actually buy… if we want to. After years of paying down debts, saving up, acquiring passive income and structuring our work lives to be more mobile-friendly, we’re financially ready to buy a boat.

The road trip is an experience itself. We’ve been to Baja and the Yucatan Peninsula, but not yet anywhere in mainland Mexico, so we’re stoked to see a new part of the country, and the Sea of Cortez.

We also take another catamaran, Cerita, out for a sea trial in Oceanside, CA. Cerita is much more minimalist than Imi Loa, but proves to be in much better condition. By getting up close and personal with these catamarans we start to figure out what we really want and need in a boat to live aboard. Hope you enjoy!


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