We’ve become pretty comfortable with our life on the river. Each morning, once we’re underway, Kirk takes the helm and I make breakfast in the galley. Then we switch back and forth with steering, giving each other a chance to get something done. One afternoon, Kirk installs buttons on the handrail covers I sewed back in Wisconsin. We travel most of the day, often until sunset, drop the hook, then do it all over again the next day.

The further south we go, the more we feel like we’re in the middle of nowhere. The towns grow thin, the marinas are few and far between, and we anchor out more and more. Because we have such cold mornings, our Westerbeke diesel engine needs some extra coaxing to get started. Thankfully, we’ve figured out a trick to warm him up.

Even though it feels remote, we’re now closer to the Gulf than ever. This is our last full river episode, so if you’re getting antsy for open water, hang on, we’re almost there!

More music by Common Jack 🎶

Lauren & Kirk

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