Huge life changes are on the horizon! We’ve known for a while that our Tartan 37 won’t be our “forever” boat. With a baby on the way, she’s getting a little small; but we’re also ready to start approaching sailing in a whole new way. Knowing this however, doesn’t make the mind shift any easier. We know that right now we want to continue sailing, but contemplating our future selves as parents, we wonder: Will we want to continue to sail once we have a baby? What if, as parents, we think the prospect is absolutely crazy?

Top this uncertainty with the emotion and stress of hauling out to prepare for another hurricane season — with no specific plan to return to the boat — and it all becomes overwhelming.

Join us as we tackle our last few last boat projects and contemplate our future plans as sailors and as parents.

Much love,

Lauren & Kirk

FILMED: June 2020




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