There are literally thousands upon thousands of boats on the west coast, and we can’t find one to fit the bill? Up until this point, we had limited our boat search to catamarans, with a price tag of $50,000 or less. Yes, we admit, we probably could find a unicorn faster. But, since we haven’t found our “unicorn” boat, and since we prefer to start cruising in the Great Lakes, the Gulf, then Caribbean first, it makes more sense to leave California and start a new boat search in the place we actually want to start cruising.

In this episode, we pack up our Passat and head back to the Midwest — where we both grew up. Our parents graciously let us stay with them while we bounce around the region looking for monohulls. By now we decide that if we want to make it out on the water by the summer, we have to start looking for a boat that doesn’t need any big repairs or require months and months of work to get it cruising ready.

Our search takes us back and forth between Michigan and Wisconsin; we see boats in Milwaukee and St. Joseph, on the east and west coast of Lake Michigan, and a few in Detroit on Lake Huron. One boat stands out from the rest — you can tell she’s been loved. Still, she does need some work, and we decide we’re up for the task. Hope you enjoy!


Some Things Don’t Change – Bonus Points

On To New Adventures – Wandersound

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Mulle – Freedom!

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