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Racing Catamaran as a Minimalist Liveaboard? – Ep. 3

We’re off again to see another catamaran — this time to Seattle. We fly from San Diego, hop a few trains, ride a couple ferries and even inflate a paddle board to get to the boat, which is moored on Orcas Island, in the San Juan Islands.

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Nice Pair (Part 3/3) — The Breakup

After coming to a quasi-agreement with Steven on a price for Nice Pair, Kirk and I felt pretty confident in our prospects of becoming future catamaran owners. We can make this deal work, we thought. We’re so close.

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Nice Pair (Part 2/3) — Making an Offer on Our Dream Sailboat

Three weeks after our trip to see Nice Pair, Kirk flew back to Seattle to help the owner take the boat out of the water. Since Nice Pair is trailerable, Kirk wanted to learn how the boat came apart so he’d understand how to put it back together after we towed it to the Midwest.

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Nice Pair (Part 1/3) — Falling Head Over Heels

For months we’ve had our eye on a 38’ racing catamaran called Nice Pair. Besides the stellar name, Kirk was in love with its design and speed. I simply liked the existence of two hulls, which translates into a large outdoor living space, the ability to cook while under sail, and a bed that won’t pitch you onto the floor while you’re sleeping.