Going Solo and it All Falls Apart – Ep. 79

Come along on a POV journey to single-handedly sail Soulianis off anchor. Since the engine wasn’t started, Kirk forgot to check on the dinghy painter—and it all goes downhill from there.

Coppercoat as a DIY Project

While researching Coppercoat, one of the biggest criticisms we heard was: "It's so expensive!" (Sailing Soulianis Patrons get a discount!) Upon further investigation, this appears to be only partly true--and only for some people.

Is Coppercoat the Best Antifouling for Your Boat?

CopperCoat antifouling bottom coating is a very polarizing topic. While researching what antifouling bottom paint to use on our Tartan 37 we heard everything from "It's Magic!" to "It's Snake oil".  Surprisingly we didn't hear a whole lot of opinions in the middle, which only made the decision making process more difficult...