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You’re probably here after watching one of the awesome boat tour videos Jordan and Randi of Learning the Lines put together, and now you’re in the research phase looking at all sorts of boats while wondering things like “How do I buy the right sailboat for me?” or “How much does a bluewater sailboat cost?” If so, you’re in the right place!

If you’re pretty serious about buying a sailboat, our Boat Buying Dashboard is the perfect tool to assist you in the process.

And, if you haven’t seen our boat buying episode, be sure to check it out to keep the stoke alive!





Welcome Learning the Lines fans! We developed this tool to help us make better informed decisions during the boat buying process.  After buying our boat, we expanded it’s functionality and is now the financial management tool we use to track all the upgrades we’ve made to our boat since purchase. We hope you’ll find the Boat Buying Dashboard as helpful as we did!

The boat buying dashboard has the following tools/benefits:

  • Seamlessly import data from (provided by your broker)
  • Automatically calculates average asking price, sales price, time on market and % discount for comparable boats
  • Calculations are segmented by all sales, by model year and by year sold
  • Log inventory of boats that your interested in purchasing
  • Estimate upgrade costs
  • Make apples-to-apples comparisons between two different boats
  • Track upgrades made to your boat after purchase
  • Track estimated costs for remaining upgrades

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