• Buying a Sailboat | Sailing Soulianis

From Zero to BOAT OWNERS in a Month!

It’s all coming together. The surveyor just emailed us the official survey report, which means we can sign the Acceptance of Vessel agreement, sign up for an insurance policy, and schedule the closing.

  • Working on an anchor windlass | Sailing Soulianis

Sh*t Just Went South

For one blissful month, we believed we had found our sailboat. Our offer was accepted, the survey went fine, and Jack, the current owner, had started the woodworking punch list we requested be finished prior to closing.

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Why Live Aboard a Sailboat?

“What are you up to these days?” It’s that question so often posed at extended family gatherings or work socials. It can be awkward or difficult to answer, because you don’t know if you should skim the surface or dive deep.

  • Buying a Sailboat | Sailing Soulianis

We Think We Bought a Boat!?

We submitted an offer on the Morgan 382 in Milwaukee… and the seller accepted. My excitement is on a low simmer. The boat’s not ours…yet.

  • Galley & Salon of a Morgan 38 Sailboat | Sailing Soulianis

Could This Be The One?

Last year, when our search for sailboats took us beyond our laptops and into boatyards and marinas, we did peek at the monohulls. They were tempting, their price tags half of that of catamarans sharing the same LOA.

  • Catamaran Sailing in Puget Sound | Sailing Soulianis

Nice Pair (Part 3/3) — The Breakup

After coming to a quasi-agreement with Steven on a price for Nice Pair, Kirk and I felt pretty confident in our prospects of becoming future catamaran owners. We can make this deal work, we thought. We’re so close.

  • Test Sail on a Catamaran in Seattle | Sailing Soulianis

Nice Pair (Part 2/3) — Making an Offer on Our Dream Sailboat

Three weeks after our trip to see Nice Pair, Kirk flew back to Seattle to help the owner take the boat out of the water. Since Nice Pair is trailerable, Kirk wanted to learn how the boat came apart so he’d understand how to put it back together after we towed it to the Midwest.

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